Red Rocket Express
Red Rocket Express

Bus Times (to 24 December)

Buses from Blackpool (stand 3)


Daily: 09:15  10:15

Journey Time: To Preston (35 mins), Manchester (100 mins)

Buses from Preston Bus Station (stand 48)

Towards Manchester

Daily: 10:00  11:00  13:00  15:00

Journey Time: To Manchester (approx 60 mins)


Towards Blackpool

Daily: 16:30  17:30 

Journey Time: To Blackpool (35 mins).

Buses from Manchester
(opp Town Hall, stop WE)


Daily: 11:15  13:15  15:30*  16:30*


Only journeys showing * operate through to Blackpool on the Winter timetable, otherwise express to Preston Bus Station only.


Journey Time: To Preston (60 mins- but allow +15-30 mins on peak hour departures), Blackpool (100 mins)

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